Print and Publications

Over the course of my career I have had a few noteworthy and prestigious publications. I has been quite the journey.

2017 D&M Magazine

New York Times

While working for NBCUniversal’s Saturday Night Live, I was assigned to shoot the “Press Conference” digital short. The shoot was fantastic. A few months later the New York Times published a year-in-review for political pop culture. They chose my image of Amy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the headline. It wound up on the cover of the Wednesday, December 26th, 2018 issue accompanied by a full page spread in the Entertainment and Arts section.

W Magazine

On the set of “E!'s New Lineup” for NBCUniversal’s Saturday Night Live, I photographed this image of Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon as Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner, respectively. Some of my images from this set were used by SNL in the digital short as photo bumpers. Other images from this short were widely published by other media outlets including E Online, Pitchfork, Hellow.

Feature 3

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